White iPad on a Financial Times newspaper.

Looking for newspapers?

If you are looking for the full text of newspapers from around the world, Factiva is the database to use. It contains over 10,000 news sources in over 22 languages, including world newspapers, business and industry journals, newswires (including Reuters and Dow Jones) and websites. Highlights include: Financial Times (embargo of one month, current month …

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Hands holding coins, with a note that reads 'make a change'

Researching a charity: Oxfam

The first place to start is the charity's website and Oxfam does have strategic reports and plans on its website. Sector wide data can be a bit trickier to find. I found the National Council for Voluntary Organisations useful but the finance data from that dates from 2015/16. The Charity Commission website has a sector …

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Set of newspapers including one with the heading World Business

Using Factiva to find company news

Factiva is an international database of 10,000 news sources.  Using Factiva helps you to search for news on a company across multiple news sources, while avoiding paywalls and article limits. Using the example of Whittard of Chelsea (a British retailer of tea and other drinks), the guide here shows you how you can search for …

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A book and a notebook on a desk with a pen

Getting started with your dissertation

For those students starting their dissertation, it is often difficult to know where to start but the Library has a lot of resources to support you through the process. Books We have lots of books on this subject available in the Library to help you get started with literature searching and research methods. Just enter …

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A mixture of data and graphs on a laptop screen

Referencing data from online databases

We often get queries about referencing tables of data found in online databases. For example, you find a company's balance sheet in Orbis that you want to cite in your assignment.  Or maybe you're looking at media advertising in BRAD and want to cite the data in your cost analysis. We don't think there is …

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Railway tracks merging

Combining multiple word documents into one document with Endnote Web

Sometimes students have been working on separate documents and then want to put them all in one, e.g. chapters into a thesis.  Here is a way to do it and still keep your Endnote Web citations working correctly. 1. Convert all your word documents into unformatted citations: 2. When they are unformatted, they look like …

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Row of black bound books on a shelf

Finding business dissertations

The Library holds masters dissertations, doctoral theses and a few undergraduate dissertations for the Business School Searching for dissertations To find a dissertation of interest use the LibrarySearch, and enter the search term 'Business School' on the LibrarySearch homepage:   Then choose the options to narrow your search to Oxford Brookes dissertations by using the filters on the …

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